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Beth El Memorial Park

 Dr Audrey Sanders

Whitehall, Pennsylvania


Beth El Memorial Park is a verdant 6+ acre property owned by Beth El Memorial Park, Inc. that began in 1937. We have a board composed of 10 members who oversee the finances and cemetery operation. We are located on Mechanicsville Road in Whitehall, PA just across from St. Stephens Church. For directions to cemetery click here


 Who can and how do I purchase a Lot?


You may purchase a Certificate of Rights to a lot consisting of one or more graves as a member of the Jewish faith, entitling the person named on the Certificate to bury a Jewish person in one or more of the graves in the lot he/she “purchased”. One must be Jewish to hold a Certificate and be buried at Beth El Memorial Park, but need not be a member of Temple Beth El. There is also a mixed marriage section of the cemetery that permits a current member of Temple Beth El (at the time of purchase) to bury themselves as well as a non-Jewish spouse in this section and some non-Jewish family members. Please refer to the mixed marriage section of the Rules and Regulations that govern this section. To purchase Rights, please contact Ivan Schonfeld at (610) 349-1721 or You may also contact any other member of the committee. Click the link below on the Rules and Regulations.


 serfiles/file/Rules and Regulations of Beth El Memorial Park.pdf

When is Access to the Park Permitted? You may visit during daylight hours except on Shabbat or Yom Tov.
2019-2020 Board Members
Ivan Schonfeld, President
Buddy Lesavoy, Attorney
Seth Katzman, Treasurer
Elaine Rappaport-Bass, Secretary
Greg Harris, Finance
Gerald Melamut, Monuments, Footmarkers & Benches
Roberta Penn, Assistant Monuments, Footmarkers & Benches
Alan Penn, Member-at-Large
Donald Senderowitz, Member-at-Large
Rance Block, Member-at-Large

Endowing Items at Cemetery

Purchase a Tree for $1,000
(permanent plaque will be erected by tree)
Other items available for endowment in memory of a loved one. Contact Ivan Schonfeld for more information.
BEMP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Gifts are tax dedcutible to the extent permitted by law. Please consult your financial advisor to determine your eligibility for a tax deduction.



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