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The shehecheyanu milestone of B-Mitzvah* is both an end and a beginning: Our students conclude their studies in religious school, taking the skills they have acquired and the lessons of Jewish life they have learned to begin their lives as full ritual members of our Beth El community. The goals the B-Mitzvah reaches for their ceremony are the building blocks for leading services and continued learning for the future – at Temple Beth El and beyond!

A B-Mitzvah is fully accepted into our Temple Beth El community, regardless of ability, access or gender. As the educators who prepare our students for the “big day”, it is our job to be available, intuitive and understanding; we aim to help each student reach their goals and the goals of their family. We strive to challenge each student to be proud of and to make personal meaning of their B-Mitzvah.

Preparation for your B-Mitzvah is an exciting process. We want you to feel nurtured and celebrated throughout this journey. Mazal Tov!

Shari Spark, Ritual and Service Coordinator


*B-Mitzvah - The traditional language and practices associated with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah can exclude people who are non-binary, agender, gender fluid, gender-queer, or any gender identity that is not girl or boy. Our goals of gender inclusivity are more properly reflected by the use of “B-Mitzvah”.

B-Mitzvah Helpful Resources

Morah Spark's "B-Mitzvah Central" - your audio files and more   Click Here

List of Prayers: A list of the prayers and other skills typically learned by each B-Mitzvah, and where to find them     Click Here



D'var Torah, questions about B-Mitzvah:

                                                                        Rabbi Moshe Re'em  - Click here

Tutoring, questions about the B-Mitzvah:

                                                                       Shari Spark, Ritual and Service Coordinator - Click here

Event planning and scheduling:

                                                                      Melanie May, Simcha Coordinator - Click here

Mitzvah Project:

                                                                     Paula Linn, Religious School Director - Click here



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